Question and answer for immigration to Sweden 2021

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الهجرة إلى السويد

And also to communicate with them directly.

What are the legal ways to move to live in Sweden?

You can move to Sweden in one of the following legal ways:


the work

Establishing a company in Sweden

Transfer to a relative in Sweden

Submission is made by way of these transactions

I want to start a company and move to Sweden. Is there a Swedish partner with me in the company?

No, it is not required that you have a Swedish partner with you when you want to start a company in Sweden and move in based on it. Rather, you can start the company alone.

You can read more information about the conditions that must be met to obtain a residence permit for self-employed workers at this link (in English).

Does moving to Sweden mean obtaining Swedish citizenship?

No, transferring to Sweden does not necessarily mean Swedish citizenship. As a basic rule, citizenship is not granted to anyone who moved to Sweden upon arrival, but may be granted later when several conditions are met.

Everyone who moves to Sweden to live in them gets temporary residence of some kind, such as residence for the purpose of studying, working, or being reunited, among others.

After several years, they differ from one case to another, this residence turns into permanent residence, and after other years, those who meet the conditions can apply for Swedish citizenship.

In general, everyone who has resided in Sweden is entitled to a regular five-year residency application for Swedish citizenship.

There are exceptional cases where citizenship is granted after four years.

The period is only three years for those under 18 years old or if you are married to, or live with, a Swedish citizen or citizen.

The applicant must agree to a set of conditions in order to apply for citizenship, such as the ability to prove identity and obtain a permanent residence permit, or the right to residency or a residence card, and that the applicant has not committed a crime punishable by law during the years of his residence, as the commission of crimes in Sweden It greatly affects the period of obtaining citizenship, and that he resides in Sweden and his travel outside Sweden does not exceed six weeks every year and others.

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